name… an orison, a hope, a guardon.

an orison, a hope, a guardon given by the oldster (meaning: parent). the parent is hoping to have the best for their children. that is the reason why names are created, what’s behind is story or history.

the dictionary meaning of name are: a word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished from others, a word or group of words used to describe or evaluate, often disparagingly, and also a representation or repute, as opposed to reality. name is also an identity for person that differentiated a person to another.

once upon a time, a married couple was endowed with a little baby girl when they were living in Virginia, USA. the mother had this hope to have a beautiful daughter and the father wished to have a prudent daughter. as a cute cohesive couple, some parts of their names was given to their daughter.

“the beauty and wisdom”
“place where I was born, in USA”

Arif, the father and Nini, the mother. they combined their names and so the prologue of my first name created, Ar (from the father) and Ni (from the mother), became Arni. as the baby was born in Virginia, the surname became Virginia.
then, the first daughter who also a little princess was named Arnisya Virginia, the beautiful who has wisdom that was born in Virginia.

Arnisya Virginia


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a young lady, in love with french & the beauty of old english poets. loving disney, fairy tale, princess♡♥

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