the most creative yet innovative.

As we heard the explanation about creative and innovative from Ridwan Kamil, I now pronounce the most innovative company. It goes to by Steve Jobs who died recently

Why Apple?
Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the United States.

From a source
Here is a list (albeit a short one) of the reasons why Apple has continued to be innovative, according to leading businesses around the world who look in awe at Apple’s ability:
1. Apple has always had the ability to create a demand for a product that was previously unheard of. Take, for example, the original success of the iPod and iTunes. Previously, consumers would listen to music either on a CD or the radio. The invention of the iPod and iTunes allowed consumers to listen to music without the required bulk of CDs. Music could easily be stored on a computer without a need for a CD cabinet.
2. Apple has the ability to dominate in every sector they choose to enter, whether that be in home computers (the Mac), music (iPod, iTunes) or mobile phones (iPhone). They enter a sector and instantly they control it.
3. The key to innovation is the willingness and desire to be different. Every product they ship sells instantly. Apple is not afraid to try something unheard of before. This courage is now synonymous with Apple.
4. They lead the way, and never follow. While Apple continue to release new and innovative products, their number one competitor Microsoft, are forced to follow. This leadership is one of the reasons for Apple’s success.
5. While Microsoft continues to target the business market, Apple aims their technology towards the consumer, which is a much larger market.
6. Apple struggled greatly in the mid nineties, but they found a renewed success as a result of this innovation. They chose to redefine themselves as opposed to following the leader at the time (Microsoft). Since their success lies within innovative thought, they will continue to dominate for the same reason.

Apple also creates a lifestyle in this globalization era. Apple makes the people who already bought its product want to buy another product from Apple again and again. By buying ipod, people download itunes, itunes can be downloaded in all computers but to make it more updated the customer buy macbook, then for the phone they buy iphone or to do cool presentation they buy ipad. All these stuffs are all connected perfectly. Apple is so easy in making someone to be its permanent customer.

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