who says? Ridwan Kamil

Idea (Imagination) → Business

to build a better state economy, we must have a lot of entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who have creative and innovative spirit.

An entrepreneur must have these:
thinking “outside the box”, having different perspective.

Risk taken
able to calculate all the risks we face and dare to take it

setting achievable goals

Strong leadership
setting example, motivating others

Problem solver
able to solve own problem by seeing it through many different perspective

Agent of Change
able to provide a better change of the surroundings

How to make a creative business, the steps are:
this can be done through interaction with people laen (associate), traveling, add networking.

after doing observation, select the most passion and has the best future perspective
Think differently, has the out of the box thoughts so that the imagination won’t be the same like what other’s thought

Make Plan
plan well by creating a tidy milestone and to do list

everything must be scalable in business

the design or technology that is going to be used must be different and good

create big networking so that the spreading of the business is easy and known fast by many people

Innovative marketing
make a creative and innovative marketing so that people will remember easily about our business

And that is all from Mr. Ridwan Kamil. And he also told us is to be a success entrepreneur is not by only having those all things but the most important thing is to share it with many people when you have already success.

Arnisya Virginia


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