UAS2: I think…

What kind of knowledge or experience have you obtained from the Creativity and Innovation course?

Thru this course, I could use one word that can summarize this course the most.


ˈnü, chiefly British ˈnyü, in place names usually (ˌ)nu̇ oror (ˌ)ni\

adj. new·er, new·est

Just found, discovered, or learned: new information.



It is because in this course, I learned lot things that are so important to my degree. Pak Apiq is also a very passionate in teaching. Always come earlier than us the student, and always well prepare for the material that is going to be given to the class. Pak Apiq is not only giving theoretical material but also practical material. That makes this course so fun and easy to understand.

Every time Pak Apiq gives new material then he gives the exercise also so that we could easily understand and also think about how innovative people think. By doing it, we can get new experiences and also will be unforgettable. The exercises that are given are always out-of-the-box. The out-of-the-box materials make us think creatively and also need our spontaneously. Therefore, after we present our exercises in front of the class, we can find new creative ideas from every student.

Before this class, some of them will not be able to think like that or we may not see each potential. We got new experience in doing the practice. In knowledge, of course we know it all well. It can be seen by what have we post in our wordpress. From definition behind our name, creativity, creative & innovative place, people, until business model. We can do this because of the materials that are given in the class. So, Pak Apiq is really inspiring us in this material.

Pak Apiq also gives us guest lecture, in order to give us other new information that is happening in the reality (in front of us) and new way of thinking. Guest lecture gives us inspirations and ideas. So, we can see many different perspectives. By giving guest lecture, Pak Apiq shows that he is care about his students of having more knowledge.

In shall nut, I think this is one of the most important subjects in our business degree. It summarizes all about how an entrepreneur should do and think in order to aim the objective and be a successful businessman.


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