create(tee)fee(tee), it is not how it spells actually. but by reading it with the proper pronunciation, the word will be read the same as creativity.

well, it is just a small example of the creativity itself. I create the word that has same pronunciation with different spell. I can make it because I have a creativity. creativity is needed, creativity is important, creativity is the base of innovation.

a business starts with an idea, a bright creative and innovative idea. once it implemented well, the business must be good, believe me. an idea created from an imagination, an imagination pop-up automatically when mind thinking about things what the eyes see. what makes each people has different imagination is because what’s beneath their past. the past that fully filled the brain, the right-side brain where creativity live.

since we were first live in the earth, the brain has already worked until now. that is why, every baby is given good memories, musics, pictures, toys, etc so that the brain will work well. the brain should be maintained during the growth so the brain won’t loss any of the good stuffs that has been planted there. that’s why people should go to school, university, courses, etc. the brain must work effectively in order to have good everything.

back to the topic, business, entrepreneur. with a good creativity, the business that we work on can be so persuasive. specially, when we can make a very well creative advertisement. advertisement is the thing that the company makes to persuade people or to introduce people to the product or brand. good advertisement created by good creativity. so, without creative people, the business won’t work well.

from the creative advertisement, the business will be growing better and better. so that the creative people really are important in every side of life. the people who create should be creative and able to implement or give it to others, and the people who take it should be had the imagination of what the people that give told to them. so that, there will be the two-way communication advertisement that created well with creativity.



About laprincessebelle

a young lady, in love with french & the beauty of old english poets. loving disney, fairy tale, princess♡♥

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