UAS1: Pretty&Stunning Business Model


Pretty&Stunning is an application to help women, who love make-up and fashion, managing make-up stuffs and assisting just like a make-up artist. This application was made only to manage the make-up products. It is used to make women easier to do new experience in make-up-ing.


Furthermore, this idea came up when I first experience of having the love at first sight moment to make-up in my age of 18 years old after prom night make-up moment by my personal make-up artist. That was the first time I enjoyed being make-up and I thought it was the pretty me since ever. Therefore, I was so in love in make-up until now, so I say it I love make-up. Since then, every time I go to mall that has a beauty shop, I always go there and buy something. I always buy a thing even though I do not need the product because I have another one that has almost same color. But what can stop me to do things I love that can make me happy?

Until I got no enough space to put the make-up, I finally buy a very big beauty box that can manage my thing properly. I separate the stuffs that I usually wear for the daily look and non-daily look. Then the problem came, I always use the same and same stuffs to do make-up wherever I go even to the non-daily places. I use it because it is already a habit look, I don’t have the time to match one to another, and I forgot what I do and don’t have.


Pretty&Stunning is made in the objective of helping women to manage their make-up products and to assist them in how to wear it as if the make-up artist personal assistant and also giving information for the latest make-up product. Specially, to busy independent women who do not have much time to do experiment in the saloon or make-up shop.


Pretty&Stunning is a paid application that made for Apple user (iTouch, iPhone, iPad, and macbook) but it is also can be downloaded to other devices that has camera too and of course the payment method is different with the Apple user. For the apple users, the customer will pay it during the installment of the application. For the non-Apple users, the customer will pay by purchasing a product from one of these brands (mac, bobbi brown, ysl, chanel, and anna sui). By purchasing a product from them, the customer will receive a coupon so that they can download it.

First, the customer needs to register by filling the bio on the first step after the download finish. Second, the customer will add the ‘make-up closet’ by filling it with their make-up products. Third, the customer will need to take a photo of their faces so that it will be scanned and the application will know the type of the face. Fourth, the customer will be asked of what kind of make-up they like. Fifth, voila! Pretty&Stunning is ready to use.

Pretty&Stunning Business Model

Key Partner

Pretty&Stunning is having partnership with Bazaar Magazine where the readers of that magazine are women who are also the target market for this application, Twitter where everyone can see everything so that anything can be easily shared, Blog where Pretty&Stunning can share the information and also can do the question and answer session with the customer, social media and e-commerce where Pretty&Stunning can be known with more other people.

Key Activity

The main activity of this application is to manage women’s make-up stuffs and to inspire the look, it is easily known as make-up inspiring. The other activity is program developing, it is an activity to develop previous and new programs that exist in the application so that it will be update all the time. And program designing, is to design the program so that it will be catchy and interesting so the customer will not be bored.

Key Resources

The resources are from program developers who in charge of developing program in the application so that it will always be update, IT expertise who can does all the technical works to make sure that the program run well, marketing team who publish to the public so that the application will be known to the segmented target market and other people, research & development team who do research on fields and then develop the programs, and of course the make-up artist who can do the looks that inspiring the customer, the main objective of the application.

Value Proposition

Providing latest make-up information, managing make-up stuffs, and giving look ideas for all make-up lovers, specially who are busy and independent but interest in finding new tips and new experiences.

Customer Relationship

Pretty&Stunning maintains its customer relationship by making a beauty workshop, beauty class, and fashion show. By having many inspirations that given by the application, the customer that does not have the high ability to do it well, they need a workshop or beauty class. Therefore, it is not only the Pretty&Stunning – customer relationship that is built but also the customer-customer relationship. For fashion show, Pretty&Stunning is giving invitation to the customer who uses the application. So that, the relationship is always maintained.


To be known by many people, Pretty&Stunning do the make-up for fashion show of popular designer, also by creating a tv media advertisement at the peak time so that many people will see it. Last, by spreading advertisement in other social media.

Customer Segment

Women age above 18 who love make-up and spend their leisure time shopping due to have beautiful appearances and also hobbies.

Cost Structure

The cost is needed for the program development, marketing, research & development, and make-up artist.

Revenue Streams

The main revenue that Pretty&Stunning got is from the advertisement in beauty fields, by partnership-ing with designers in fashion show part also Apple and popular branded make-up in the payment and installment part. Last is by sponsoring many beauty events.


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