create(tee)fee(tee), it is not how it spells actually. but by reading it with the proper pronunciation, the word will be read the same as creativity.

well, it is just a small example of the creativity itself. I create the word that has same pronunciation with different spell. I can make it because I have a creativity. creativity is needed, creativity is important, creativity is the base of innovation.

a business starts with an idea, a bright creative and innovative idea. once it implemented well, the business must be good, believe me. an idea created from an imagination, an imagination pop-up automatically when mind thinking about things what the eyes see. what makes each people has different imagination is because what’s beneath their past. the past that fully filled the brain, the right-side brain where creativity live.

since we were first live in the earth, the brain has already worked until now. that is why, every baby is given good memories, musics, pictures, toys, etc so that the brain will work well. the brain should be maintained during the growth so the brain won’t loss any of the good stuffs that has been planted there. that’s why people should go to school, university, courses, etc. the brain must work effectively in order to have good everything.

back to the topic, business, entrepreneur. with a good creativity, the business that we work on can be so persuasive. specially, when we can make a very well creative advertisement. advertisement is the thing that the company makes to persuade people or to introduce people to the product or brand. good advertisement created by good creativity. so, without creative people, the business won’t work well.

from the creative advertisement, the business will be growing better and better. so that the creative people really are important in every side of life. the people who create should be creative and able to implement or give it to others, and the people who take it should be had the imagination of what the people that give told to them. so that, there will be the two-way communication advertisement that created well with creativity.



the most creative yet innovative.

As we heard the explanation about creative and innovative from Ridwan Kamil, I now pronounce the most innovative company. It goes to by Steve Jobs who died recently

Why Apple?
Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the United States.

From a source
Here is a list (albeit a short one) of the reasons why Apple has continued to be innovative, according to leading businesses around the world who look in awe at Apple’s ability:
1. Apple has always had the ability to create a demand for a product that was previously unheard of. Take, for example, the original success of the iPod and iTunes. Previously, consumers would listen to music either on a CD or the radio. The invention of the iPod and iTunes allowed consumers to listen to music without the required bulk of CDs. Music could easily be stored on a computer without a need for a CD cabinet.
2. Apple has the ability to dominate in every sector they choose to enter, whether that be in home computers (the Mac), music (iPod, iTunes) or mobile phones (iPhone). They enter a sector and instantly they control it.
3. The key to innovation is the willingness and desire to be different. Every product they ship sells instantly. Apple is not afraid to try something unheard of before. This courage is now synonymous with Apple.
4. They lead the way, and never follow. While Apple continue to release new and innovative products, their number one competitor Microsoft, are forced to follow. This leadership is one of the reasons for Apple’s success.
5. While Microsoft continues to target the business market, Apple aims their technology towards the consumer, which is a much larger market.
6. Apple struggled greatly in the mid nineties, but they found a renewed success as a result of this innovation. They chose to redefine themselves as opposed to following the leader at the time (Microsoft). Since their success lies within innovative thought, they will continue to dominate for the same reason.

Apple also creates a lifestyle in this globalization era. Apple makes the people who already bought its product want to buy another product from Apple again and again. By buying ipod, people download itunes, itunes can be downloaded in all computers but to make it more updated the customer buy macbook, then for the phone they buy iphone or to do cool presentation they buy ipad. All these stuffs are all connected perfectly. Apple is so easy in making someone to be its permanent customer.

Arnisya Virginia

who says? Ridwan Kamil

Idea (Imagination) → Business

to build a better state economy, we must have a lot of entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who have creative and innovative spirit.

An entrepreneur must have these:
thinking “outside the box”, having different perspective.

Risk taken
able to calculate all the risks we face and dare to take it

setting achievable goals

Strong leadership
setting example, motivating others

Problem solver
able to solve own problem by seeing it through many different perspective

Agent of Change
able to provide a better change of the surroundings

How to make a creative business, the steps are:
this can be done through interaction with people laen (associate), traveling, add networking.

after doing observation, select the most passion and has the best future perspective
Think differently, has the out of the box thoughts so that the imagination won’t be the same like what other’s thought

Make Plan
plan well by creating a tidy milestone and to do list

everything must be scalable in business

the design or technology that is going to be used must be different and good

create big networking so that the spreading of the business is easy and known fast by many people

Innovative marketing
make a creative and innovative marketing so that people will remember easily about our business

And that is all from Mr. Ridwan Kamil. And he also told us is to be a success entrepreneur is not by only having those all things but the most important thing is to share it with many people when you have already success.

Arnisya Virginia

JAPAN.. a creative yet innovative wonderland

From the definition taken from wikipedia, the term innovation derives from the Latin word innovatus, which is the noun form of innovare “to renew or change,”. Although the term is broadly used, innovation generally refers to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society. Innovation differs from invention or renovation in that innovation generally signifies a substantial positive change compared to incremental changes. Creative is an adjective for things demonstrating creativity. Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new that has some kind of value. What counts as “new” may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within which the novelty occurs. What counts as “valuable” is similarly defined in a variety of ways.
wonderland, that’s how I mean a place which is creative yet innovative because of the country’s dreams had became true to create things that haven’t been exist in other places.

the wonderland in my thoughtful mind is Japan. why Japan? from my travelling hobby experience, it is the only place that has many variations of every thing. there, things that uncommon people imagine were created to be sell.

Taken from a trustable source, Japan is a leading nation in scientific research, particularly technology, machinery and biomedical research. Japan is a world leader in fundamental scientific research, Japan’s more prominent technological contributions are in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, earthquake engineering, industrial robotics, optics, chemicals, semiconductors and metals. Japan leads the world in robotics production and use, possessing more than half of the world’s industrial robots.

When I was in Japan to spend the holiday with my family, I saw many unique things. First, when I was arrived at the hotel, I found that the toilet was super innovative & creative. The toilet can clean itself automatically after it is used, the temperature of the sitting place and the water can be managed by our own wants, and last it can be flushed automatically. Second, the phone that can be used there is only the one that connect using 3G connection. Third, I saw many robotic, supersonic, high tech electronic that are sold there, such as, Honda robot, uncommon technology things. Fourth, the way Japanese people dress up, like the harajuku. Fifth, the bento lunch box, the car park, tokyo flash (the futuristic watch made by japanese), etc.

asimo robot

lexus LFA

Even though Japan innovates the latest creation, even though Japan has the latest technology stuffs, even though Japan leads the world in robotics, Japan still have this strong cultural that every Japanese own the culture. The culture in Japan is keep on maintained by the nation. Geisha (traditional Japanese female who skills in performing Japanese art), Samurai (term form for military nobility in pre-industrial Japan), and also Japan Architecture (temple, old castle). Therefore, it makes Japan is the most creative and innovative country that still have strong culture.



bento lunch box 1

bento lunch box 2

bento lunch box 3

tokyo flash

Even the west people love this country although they are feeling super futuristic by their country wealthiness. it can be seen by Disney in Japan, Disney open not only the Disney Land but also the Disney Sea in here. and by seeing, the love of Harajuku from Gwen Stefani (US billboard artist), and etc.

The reason I choose Japan is because I think the most creative and innovative country is the country that can make the thing that hasn’t exist yet without forgetting its own culture, old culture.

japanese culture

Arnisya Virginia

name… an orison, a hope, a guardon.

an orison, a hope, a guardon given by the oldster (meaning: parent). the parent is hoping to have the best for their children. that is the reason why names are created, what’s behind is story or history.

the dictionary meaning of name are: a word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished from others, a word or group of words used to describe or evaluate, often disparagingly, and also a representation or repute, as opposed to reality. name is also an identity for person that differentiated a person to another.

once upon a time, a married couple was endowed with a little baby girl when they were living in Virginia, USA. the mother had this hope to have a beautiful daughter and the father wished to have a prudent daughter. as a cute cohesive couple, some parts of their names was given to their daughter.

“the beauty and wisdom”
“place where I was born, in USA”

Arif, the father and Nini, the mother. they combined their names and so the prologue of my first name created, Ar (from the father) and Ni (from the mother), became Arni. as the baby was born in Virginia, the surname became Virginia.
then, the first daughter who also a little princess was named Arnisya Virginia, the beautiful who has wisdom that was born in Virginia.

Arnisya Virginia